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  • a.TS washer*2+standard bolt / nut
  • b.TS (nut + washer)
  • c.TS (bolt + washer)
  • d.TS (bolt + nut + washer*2)
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  •   Brief Introduction
    Brief Introduction

    Patented Anti-loose fasteners


    1. Easy to assemble, using general tool can be tighten*.

    2. Re-useable.

    3. It can withstand high pressure, high temperature* and vibration, and it won't be loosening.

    4. Passed high level tesing by Japan lab (per NAS3350 standard).

    5. Suitable for any kind of products which can cause by vibration.

    6. Anti-Loose consultant.



    *1. Untighten with TS socket; if assemble with pair of TS washer, it can be untighten by general tool, no need TS socket.

    *2. According to working temperature.

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