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TS Washer Set

TS Anti-Loosening Two-Piece Set of Washers

TS Anti-Loosening Washers *2
  • Instructions: The pairing is to be used with regular screws or nuts. It takes no special tools to have them fixed or removed.


Dual Stack Wedge, Anti-Loosening Gaskets, Anti-Loosening Mechanical Screws, Anti-Loosening Hexagonal Screw, Toothed Washers, Anti-Loosening White Iron, Anti Loosening Double Gaskets.


  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon Steel





  • 線條

  1. The two pieces of TS washers should be put together with the wedge surface facing each, along with regular screws or nuts. There is no need to add such objects as nylon nuts, flat washers, adhesives, etc.

  2. The surface hardness of the screws, nuts and objects should not be greater than HRC42 for carbon steel or HRC30 for stainless steel.

  3. It takes no special tools to have them fixed or removed.

  4. It is recommended to fix or remove the products at low speeds, and to make sure the sleeve is fully inserted before the tool is operated.

  5. Please note that different materials may produce potential differences.

  6. Fasteners are consumables and thus can’t be returned or exchanged after sale.

  7. Fix the products to the recommended torque value. However, due to the difference in the material, thickness and strength of different brackets, the actual torque should be based on how to avoid deformation of the bracket being installed.

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