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Set of TS Screws and Washers

+TS Anti-Loosening Screws
+TS Anti-Loosening Washers

  • 安裝方式:用於工件孔有攻牙產品,防鬆螺絲及華司搭配即可安裝。



TS anti-loosening screw + TS anti-loosening washer

  • Instructions: For objects with tapped holes, anti-loosening screws and washers will be suitable enough.

  • Remark: Non-Anti-Loosening adhesive, Non-Nylon Nuts, Anti-Loosening Fasteners, Anti-Loosening Screws, Non-Slip Screws, Anti-Loosening Bolts, Anti-Loosening Gaskets, Non-Spring Washers, TS Nuts, TS Screws


  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon Steel





  • 線條

  1. One TS screw and one TS washer are used as a unit. TS screws and the wedge surface of the washers are placed in pairs. There’s no need to add objects such as nylon nuts, flat washers, adhesives, etc.

  2. Regular electric tools will fit the bill. TS sleeves are only used for removal.

  3. It is recommended to fix or remove the fasteners at low speeds, and make sure the sleeve is fully inserted before the tool is operated.

  4. Please note that different materials may cause potential differences.

  5. Fasteners are consumables and are not returnable or exchangeable after sale.

  6. Fix the products to the recommended torque value. However, due to the difference in the material, thickness and strength of different brackets, the actual torque should be based on how to avoid deformation of the bracket being installed.

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