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Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Power Equipment


Does the problem with fasteners coming loose also occur to power equipment?

Hazards can usually escape our notice. When the equipment is in operation, the intensity of the power output will vary with the voltage level. The invisible electric current will vibrate, leading the object to vibrate as well. Thus, all these slight vibrations over time will cause fasteners to come loose, bringing about accidents in turn if not handled in time. TS anti-loosening fasteners are easy to use and can screw things tightly, thereby sparing you the trouble.


Anti-Loosening Screws, Anti-Loosening Nuts, Anti-Loosening Washers, Anti-Slip Gaskets, TS Loose-Proof, Locking Gasket Shock-Proof, Wedge Locking, Zinc-Tin Alloy, TS Nuts.

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