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Applications of Tech-Stell Anti-Loosening Fasteners:


TS fastening solutions are intended for various industries and equipment. They can deal with normal vibrations, heavy loads, transient G-value, severe climates, etc. Easy to use, these products have many applications.

We support you in any projects.
Tech-Stell to Fasten the World.
Power Transmission
Transmission Pipelines, Transmission Towers, Telecommunication Towers, etc.
Steel Structures, Public Construction, etc.
Vehicle Industry
Motor Vehicles, Trucks, Engines, Transmissions, Airbags, Wheels, etc.
Power Generation Equipment
Wind Power, Water Power, Thermal Power, Solar Power, etc.
Lifting Equipment
Port Machinery, Large Cranes, etc.
Engineering Machinery
Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Drilling Machines, etc.
Machinery and Equipment
Packaging, Textile, Mining, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Chemical Feeding Machinery, High Pressure Equipment, Food Machinery, etc.
Petrochemical Equipment
Oil Pipelines, Drilling Equipment, etc.
Yachts, Tankers, Fishing Vessels, Cargo Ships, Containers, etc.
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