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Track Record

Applications of Tech-Stell Anti-Loosening Fasteners:

  • Prominent Urban Constructions: Tokyo Skytree, Taipei Dome, etc.

  • Weatherproof Sites: solar energy equipment, wind power generation, high voltage towers, power equipment, manhole covers, etc.

  • High-Speed Wind Cutting and Pressure Resistance: aluminum rim plants for supercars, windproof corrugated sheets, MRT carriages, etc.

  • Mechanical Power Equipment: mixers, injection machines, pulverizers, screening machines, roller coasters, children's recreational equipment, etc.


Tech Stell makes possible your products and engineering ambitions, while fulfilling safety responsibility.
Made in Taiwan, Granted International Patents, Easy to Install, Multifarious Products, Reasonable Prices

*Due to confidentiality agreement, applications for some projects are only partially listed.

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